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Also, to all criticising stage show as "too political" and "just gimme the music" - you are part of the problem this show points out in not so subtle ways. I for one was impressed with this combination of sound and vision. Provocative in a good way.

TL;DR concert yesterday in Munich was fantastic. I do wonder why they didn’t interact with the audience at all. No hello, no thank you. And they started 1 hour later as planned. Still, totally worth it.

Supposedly 30 hours of problems with delivering inbound mail. No status page, and last update on Twitter was 10 hours ago. Seems is in trouble.

The binary yes/no world of social media does not allow for forgiveness. But learning from mistakes is a very important part of life. How can we grow and learn when social networks don't allow you to?

Thanks and for giving us a wonderful view on the falling snow from inside , here on the tarmac. But we would all prefer to disembark and get on our ways home :) Send them buses, willya

Well, dear and , could you care about finding out if I have an account or not? So I can do this checkin to my hotel?

Is even alive anymore? Seeing how this vortex thing has caused so much havoc in the US, Canada must be suffering in even worse ways. Or is the US just exaggerating a tiny bit? ;)

Where’s my surprised face? also abused the Apple Enterprise program to sideload data collecting apps on iOS devices from consumers. Apple explicitly limits the enterprise program to employees only.

revokes Enterprise certificate, causing internal (and beta) iOS apps to stop working. Well. You break the rules, you will have to deal with the consequences.

UK High Court: can move €190bn in assets to Ireland as no deal is possible and loss of "passporting" looms. Thread over at Twitter:

So AFAICS the turned an already into a where there is a deal that is no deal and it supports changes to it while stopping itself from making changes. But it’s all the ‘s fault and Ireland is also to blame. Ok.

“EU says no” t-shirts available tomorrow. In all sizes. Free shipping. Payable in € only.

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