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Kind of ironic that the first big wave got hyped and ultimately destroyed (valuation wise) by what it pretended to be an alternative for. Fiat money. A lot of lessons to be learned. But will we still care?

And no, I will not directly link to screenshots or the entry in Steam. If you want to know more, start here: The tweets are in german, but the screenshots should tell you enough.

has a game called . And yes. It’s exactly what you are now thinking. And it’s on Steam since quite a while. And Steam thinks it’s a-ok. Internet, do your thing.

I started listening to twitter hoping it would be about infosec.

Chairman Cummings elegantly sidelines the republicans trying to postpone the hearing. Chapeau.

Pakistan and India are on the verge of war. Two nuclear powers. What could possibly go wrong?

In a recent roundtable discussion on , translations etc. In reality the majority of people/countries/professions on this planet use the 24 hour clock. For good reasons. Not just “some”. Always be careful about your bias, folks.

Dear @AppleSupport Here in , your maps service doesn’t offer public transport or ride services. So why show them in yourcapp?

Instead - could you add a option? Because we do have those and love to ride them.

"Put your money where your mouth is" they said. So people do. And it clearly says @BernieSanders Simple.

is like . Too complex a solution for a problem already solved in a good way.

Hallo @BMVI Zeit und andere berichten das die unterschrieben ist. Wann wird sie veröffentlicht?

Spreading rumours about discussing to postpone for two years. That’s very brave.

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