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mit , Stand 2019-08-05. Es sind weiterhin genau 5 Modelle zugelassen, davon ist einer (IO Hawk Sparrow) tatsächlich erhältlich. (Die Scooter der Vermietfirmen zähle ich nicht mit, da man sie nicht kaufen kann)

With 249 mass shootings in the US this year, only a minority of them makes it to headline news. Think about what that means.

„Celebrating“ shooters on social media is part of the problem. Your urge to „inform“ has the side effect of making these shooters more relevant than they should be, making it almost attractive for others to imitate. Just don’t post about it. IMH

Misleading headline IMHO. Study is limited to rental scooters. It doesn’t discuss impact of privately owned e-scooters that don’t get picked up for charging etc.

and the first commute with my new . The ATM only licensed, approved, legal one on the German market. The IOHAWK Sparrow legal. @ redhat München

A type approved, legal . In Germany that’s quite a lot of work. But it’s here :) Thank you for your hard work on getting this done!

As I am ashamed that my home country now has a law that makes it illegal to wear a Burka in hospitals, government buildings and public transport.

TL;DR keep your iDevices up2date. fixes what ’s hackers uncover. But hey, is unfortunately a thing. Even at the beeb.

What would happen to decisions if Fox News would be gone for a month? And who could make that happen?

Hallo Warum wurde der ICONBIT IK-1969K CITY E-Scooter für August angekündigt, auf den 1. September verschoben und jetzt auf den 22. September? Ich habe vorbestellt und will fahren! :)

Confusing messages IMHO from the European Court of Justice . While quoting written words can be done without authorisation [1], you cannot use soundwaves without authorisation [2].


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