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Danke, Jetzt habe ich ganz viele Kampfhubschrauber in der Timeline :)

Die Demokratie stirbt durch viele kleine Tode. SPD, CDU, FDP wählen NPD Neonazi einstimmig zum Ortsvorsteher. In Hessen. Wir erinnern uns wie da ein CDU Politiker erschossen wurde.

‪The experience of going through my timeline right now to find The One Good Thing Today to retweet/reshare is quite a depressing experience I really hope to change. So send me positive things!‬

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‪I’ll try. I’ll use (The One Good Thing Today) for it. And might not limit myself to just one post a day :)‬

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How to make social networks a better place? Retweet/share at least one positive thing from someone else every day. Give positivity exposure. Actively look for the good stuff.

Thank you for the good time! And for all the fun It was quite a night :)

TIL the looked the iconic way it did because the original design might have caused issues because it looked a bit like the Eagle from and George Lucas proposed to „make it look like a hamburger“

So you’re the President of the United States and you are sure that the most important crisis is … checks notes … who’s better at predicting the weather.

Use the same rules for gun as for a cigarette. Bam. Simple.

OK. Trump and Brexit is already crazy enough, but Richard Stallman speaking at Microsoft - we truly live in an alternative timeline IMHO. ;)

, the European Aviation Safety Agency, will rely on its own tests and not just follow the wrt airworthiness.

:) " garnered a 44 percent share [in the] software market revenue. Its container software, OpenShift, recently surpassed 1,100 customers." on 2 with 23%, /#VMWare on 3 with 6% according to

Seit nunmehr 15 Tagen hat keine neuen ABEs für erteilt. kann man da mal jemanden aufwecken? Wir warten alle auf legale escooter, die man sich leisten kann.

We live in weird times where Italy has a more stable democracy than the UK.

I’m really hoping for the series, not just the season finale. But it somehow looks more and more like the Benny Hill Closing Chase is stuck in an endless loop. This one ;)

that in 2012 the Islamic Tartan was officially registered in the Scottish Registry of Tartans. How cool is that!

Well. Seems to be true. „Push Pages“ served to companies on an invitation-only policy as it seems. Again. Where’s my surprised face?

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