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My β€œAbgabenlast”, the sum of my income tax, pension, unemployment, health insurance is 43.58%. And I’m OK with that.

So. buys . Billions of fitness data points including a lot of location/tracking info on your runs and trainings. Do you feel good about it?

Die Anderen sind FlΓΌchtlinge, Migranten oder Expats. Ich als NiederlΓ€nder, der seit 37 Jahren hier wohnt, bin weiterhin EU-AuslΓ€nder. Ich fange an den Begriff diskriminierend zu finden.

Erfahrung nach 1000 km auf deutschen Fahrradwegen: Rentner schauen herablassend und teilweise aggressiv, Kinder bis ca 12-14 sind einfach nur begeistert.

RHSA-2019:3218: Important: Red Hat Security Advisory: kernel security and bug fix update

TL;DR owner family is quite radical Christian and refuses to have women in board positions, has made their daughters sign inheritance waivers to keep it a man’s world. This part of the german wikipedia page on ABUS has not (yet) been translated to the english version AFAICS.

So how much of that extra money has the UK gov spent on advertisements and PR blitz campaigns with the false claim that will happen on the 31st of October?


Playing around with #aerialod by, new software that makes it fairly straightforward to create renderings of #lidar terrain data, cleared of forest. It's amazing....


20191028 update: Keine neuen ABE erteilt, Liefertermin ER1/2 und Buddy V2 jetzt Mitte November. In eigener Sache: Die ersten 100 km mit meinem sind geschafft. Ein wirklich guter escooter fΓΌr meine Zwecke!

TBH - I am quite happy that was playing golf while the grownups organised and executed the raid against Abu Bakr. One problem less to care about in the situation room.

Prediction: Trump administration will soon spindoctor that Syria withdrawal enabled collection of intel that lead to killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Adolf Hitler, vegetarian Austrian painter with right wing tendencies at helm of socialist German party, dies at 56.

Thank@you, for playing Blitz right now. Lots of quotes in your set that make this old Acid/House/Nee Beat guy smile :)

It’s 20:23. Somehow I’m quite sure that will fail to deliver this parcel today. So it will arrive Monday. Thanks for not keeping your β€žgarantueed” delivery, I guess?

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