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Wenn so viele Journalisten bei ihrer wichtigsten Aufgabe - zu erkennen was WIRKLICH passiert - versagen und dann die SPD dafür schimpfen das sie Veränderung will - das ist schon armselig IMHO.

Happy from this guy :) Open Standards and Open Source! For the web, our world and the galaxy :)

Founder of goes to Open Source advisory board meeting. Remarks one real important thing about topics discussed: “You will notice that version control is not on either of those lists.”

Wer Demokratie sagt, sollte bei jeder Veranstaltung Gegendemonstrant sein. Das ist mein vorgezogener Vorsatz für 2020.

Has anyone tried in , event organisation? If not, I guess I’m gonna try :)

Früher (tm) war “versteckte Kamera” etwas worüber man lachen konnte.

Remember the times when “hidden camera” was something to make you laugh?

Dear - this seems to be the account that posted a fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet. How can I report this? You don’t seem to offer any option to report such abusive stuff. Fix this, please?

Reflecting on - I went to the supermarket and bought milk. That’s all. I feel like an anti-capitalist ;)

and is all about freedom and stuff, let’s travel to North Korea to discuss at a conference!”

US authorities: „Hold my beer and read this arrest warrant”

I should have known, right after the vote, that this will put the UK on to an isolationist, protoauthoritarian downward spiral. But I simply couldn’t imagine it would happen. But it is.

20191129 Update: der lang angekündigte Iconbit IK-1969K (Saturn/MediaMarkt, 480€), ein M365 Klon mit Honeycomb Reifen und Federung hinten hat endlich ABE (P016) erhalten. Wie immer, Daten, preise unter

It’s not limited to Trello, of course. You can also export to PDF, PNG, PowerPoint, Excel or a zip file with the individual notes as separate images etc. I hope @3M adds open formats like too.

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Unfortunately only works with square post-its ATM. But can change that. I’m quite sure this doesn’t scale to giant walls, but for it could be really useful. This goes beyond merely documenting. It creates a flow. I like.

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TIL you can use the (free) app on Android/iOS to take pictures of your brainstorming wall, it will separate the post-its and happily export it to . Wow.

20191128 Update 2: Eine gute Nachricht. Bei Lidl gibt es heute den DocGreen ESA 500 mit ABE für 299€.

20191128 Update. Keine neuen Scooter und viele Liefertermine nach hinten verschoben. Zugelassene escooter unter dem Weihnachtsbaum? Eher weniger wahrscheinlich :( Wie immer, alle Infos unter

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