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The numbers are quite staggering. produces around 120 million(!) tonnes of soy per year. 76% of their soy exports are to . Just imagine the fleet of ships needed for that.

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So instead of shipping megatonnes of from Brazil to China, where it is used to feed pigs, Brazil could build factories to convert soy into the and export that!

How did I have to become almost 50 years before buying a weighted blanket?

IMHO. “Social” networks that are centralised and only have ads as their source of income will never empower people. We saw it with . Unite in other ways.

My yearly reminder of having shared some really good and inspiring time with the late We had our fights. Disagreements. But ultimately we parted with a smile, drinking Bavarian beer. He went to an unknown place, I’m still here, learning from him.

IMHO. Carlos Ghosn is just another example for the depressing reality that people with enough money can simply ignore any laws. They live in a world of their own. Where they can act without consequences.

Two things IMHO: FBI or third party are running out of 0days to crack into and/or they want to force to give them backdoor style acces. Interesting.

"FBI seeks Apple's help unlocking phones of suspected Pensacola naval station gunman"

"Bolton says he is willing to testify [...]" translates to "Bolton has run out of excuses and delays to avoid being scrutinised" IMHO.

2020-01-07 update: P041 SCO-85351 THOR und P092 Alpha X10 hinzugefügt. Kleinere Änderungen bei Preisen und Lieferbarkeit der anderen Modelle. Wie immer, alle Infos unter

‪„Donald Trump’s threat to target “cultural sites” in Iran would put him into an axis of architectural evil alongside the Taliban and Isis, both of which have wreaked similar forms of destruction this century.“

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My dear friends in the US. Let me tell you that I, as many here in Europe, think that ‘s threat to attack cultural sites in is seen as a dangerous departure from western values.

Dear . Let’s get over with and focus on becoming a United Europe and use our united force to become a better steward of this world.

If you do that, you will write a better article. In these times of manipulation through social media, every journalist should be extremely careful and every editor should refuse to hit the publish button on the lazy version I described in my first tweet/toot. 3/3

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Explain who is behind which tweet, make sure you are not quoting bots or fringe folks without informing your readers, don’t think tweets are somehow reliable sources. Use them at max as leads to further investigation. Interview those that tweet the things you want to quote. 2/3

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quoting Tweets and gluing them together with some words “while <Tweet> says this, it only took a few minutes for <AnotherTweet> to say that” and publishing the result as an article in a news outlet is NOT journalism. 1/3

What copyright maximalists do: publish rare recordings in a crippled way on YouTube for a few hours so they can claim another 20 years of ownership?

Don’t offer stupid people stupid options. They’ll take the option they best understand. The stupid one. Duh.

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