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So I’m tracking a bit how many „infected“ keys are distributed to the German App. Note: # of keys != number of infected people. This is mainly a little graph to track trends. Will post daily for the next few weeks.

Ok. Asymptomatic carriers seem to shed Virus around 5 days longer and lose antibodies faster. This is bad and good news. Bad because it means reopenings should be slowed down. Good because it gives us guidance. 😷

A graph of daily new diagnosed infections as bar graph. Total # of Active cases as overlay. Per country. Does that exist somewhere?

Doing more squats and sit-ups today so I can become politician.

I mean, honestly, who needs a network level firewall when we can just shoehorn every evil thing in a https tunnel? And give the browser full control? Isn’t that the very definition of a backdoor?

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The browser is becoming a backdoor, almost malware with all these possibilities. This absolutely doesn’t sit right with me. No single program should have such power over my device.

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refuses to add support for 16 web APIs for privacy concerns. I look at the list and I wonder - what is wrong with you web people? What are you doing? This is not the web I want. This is Orwellian and out of control.

Yes, I mute and block quite generously. Yes, that sometimes might mean I block someone who objectively doesn’t „deserve“ it. Well, my timeline is my decision. Deal with it.

Wieviele Menschen sterben eigentlich jährlich so an Sauerstoffmangel im Winter? Und auf der Skipiste? Weil sie wegen der kalten Luft einen Schal oder eine Maske tragen? Stundenlang. 😷

@mastohost my little instance is showing my last notification is 14 hours ago. I am 100% sure that’s not true. Any way to make it update notifications or find out what’s wrong? Thx!

Doctors in already warned in the last days of January that was spreading through asymptomatic infected people. But they were not taken seriously. They were ignored and ridiculed instead. Two lost months. (Paywall)

Thank you, , for bringing back this wonderful song and it’s simple but powerful line “we have just one world, but we live in different ones”. The Berlin Version from 2007.

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