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Hi @renatolond I know you run and maintain the crossposter for free but as I have been using it for many years, I feel bad. How can I reward you? Either directly or by donating 100$ to a cause or charity of your choice?

I'd be for a circle swap. EU membership for Ukraine, Moldavia, Georgia but in exchange Hungary has to leave.

Which fediverse software do you use, boost for scale.

Im Deutschen ist die Mehrzahl von einem Dude übrigens die Duden. ;)

Because I’m cautious and because we still have free tests and because I have the - a little stop on the way home and 20 minutes later - as expected - all is good :)

What’s the official SLA (Service Level Agreement) on a losing its peg? Asking for a friend with lasereyes.

[RT @danieloh30]
What makes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 different and unique? Hear from Gunnar Hellekson, Vice President of Red Hat Enterprise Linux who explains the new features live from Red Hat Summit 2022 for theCUBE: #RHSummit

People that celebrate their vacation in while I am shocked by the killing of . :(

It's truly worthwhile to read the content too. This was all written before crypto took off but gives really deep insight into our modern monetary system and how it came to be. Written by by my good friend Georg Zoche - see (yes, no TLS/SSL yet, go back to the first toot ;)

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But hey, it means it will soon be a nice git repo that is easy to update and free to host :)

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Exporting a very aged, spam infested MediaWiki instance to markdown to run as static website with Jekyll. The things one does instead of going out and enjoying the sun ;)

A loss of around 14 billion USD in market cap should be tough to fix. A very stable coin?

And before you ask. It’s a reliable test. I took samples from both throat and deep in the nose. I know this stuff.

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