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Auch heute wieder tausende Gründe weiter Maske zu tragen und vorsichtig zu bleiben. Und dann noch die Wiesn hier in München. (Quelle: RKI)

I mourn more for the thousands of dead people daily that die unceremoniously of covid, hunger, lack of healthcare, being poor. I didn’t waste a second today on the royal theatre that suppressed all of that real madness. I am not sorry.

I fully understand how switching from PoW to PoS saves a lot of wasting energy. But I fail to see how such a gated community creates intrinsic value.

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Can someone explain to me how a centralised database with commit rights based on a certain amount of virtual fantasycoins being locked in resembles a decentralised blockchain? I simply fail to see it.

Hell freezes over. gives the new 14 (not the Pro, not the Max) a huge thumbs up and repairability of 7 out of 10. And it’s well deserved, IMHO. Apple really did a good job. Nice!

Aktuelle #Corona-Fallzahlen für #München:
R(t): 1,05
Neue Fälle: k.A.
Neue Todesfälle: k.A.
Aktuell infiziert: 4.890
7-Tage-Inzidenz (RKI): 203,5
Normal/IMC/Intensiv Betten: 191/11/18

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Hallo! Wir versuchen hier weiterhin Zahlen zu #Corona #COVID in #München zu liefern, nachdem die Stadt München am 13.06. die Veröffentlichung vieler Zahlen und den täglichen Tweet eingestellt hat.

Unser Dashboard und die Tagesberichte findet ihr unter

So if you want to take your thread on mastodon and turn it it into to copy/paste as a blog entry or article - Just go to or set up the code on your own machine:

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New blog entry: Protest Guide in Surveillance Capitalism - Replies to this toot will show up as comments on the blog. Sorry, Twitter friends, that's a Mastodon exclusive. Shoutout to @vadim for making the tool I needed for this :)

The little thing I once knew but had totally forgotten: SYSLOG_FACILITY=2 catches all e-mail related log entries, regardless of which service. Nice!

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Checking the last 4 days of log entries for suspicious IPv4 addresses I might want to block on my mail server, the journalctl version :)

I have just learned - you need more than just an account. You also need to enrol in the "UPS My Choice" program. And to verify it is really you, they will send a letter with the PIN code. In 5-7 business days. So no chance to change the delivery options for tomorrow's parcel. Le sigh, UPS. Le sigh.

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A lot of settings, but no way to set something like "deliver at front door". Hrmpf.

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TIL - Germany does not care about delivery options (I want to give an OK for drop off as I will not be at home tomorrow) until *after* the first delivery attempt. Seems very inefficient to me.

The Russian military is taking chips from dishwashers and refrigerators to fix their military hardware, because they ran out of semiconductors.

Russia's industry is in tatters and its economy on life-support.

This is the price for Putin's trail of death and destruction.

Bei jedem Video von Wiesnzelten spielt in meinem Kopf die Musik vom weissen Hai. Viren, die durch die Luft schwimmen und gierig eingeatmet werden. Le sigh.

And yes, far less people now die or become severely sick after infection. Thanks to vaccination. But still. Thousands of Munich people will get infected, forcing them to stay home. Not being able to work. THAT is going to hit hard in hospitals, schools over the next weeks.

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With our current infection rates, in every bigger tent there are statistically 20 infected people spreading virus. The infection rates will definitely double in the next 7 days. We’ve learned that from other events in Bavaria.

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FTR - yes, I live in . No, I’m not going to . Since 2 years I’m collecting the numbers on the pandemic and it’s not even a question. The risks are too damn high.

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