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Tell me what you did today to save our environment. Every bit helps IMHO. I only used my and public transport to move around today.

: “Der Deutsche Taxi- und Mietwagenverband fordert aus Sicherheitsgründen eine Helmpflicht” für Fahrer wegen “enorme Geschwindigkeiten” - laut 20 km/h.

Why is the media so obsessed with negative headlines on ? Here's

My runs on 100% renewable electricity, courtesy of

Where is my surprised face? ;)

“Modern DSLR cameras no longer use film to capture and later reproduce images.”

Zwischenbilanz nach 2 Monaten : Die Medien strengen sich wirklich an sie schlechtzureden. Beispiel

Leaders should fear their citizens when they peacefully stand up to defend their rights and their life. That is neither a rebellion nor an act of terrorism. and everywhere else. We as citizens should never be afraid to defend ourselves. Nowhere.

The most relaxing moment after weeks of having visitors - when the Roomba finally cleans the floor and you can take a loooooong shower :)

People that think all cases end and all evidence will be destroyed or locked away forever with him being dead - that’s not how any of this works.

The Adjustment Bureau is a fine movie based on Philip K Dick’s short story “Adjustment Team”.

Und wieder ein Artikel über und Umwelt der den Privatbesitz komplett ignoriert. Was soll das, ? Warum kein Bericht über das KBA und wie es kaum legale Scooter zu kaufen gibt dank fehlender Zulassung?

Can we please keep Gender Reveal Parties out of Europe? Or the world? TIL about a weird trend called Gender Reveal Party Fails and it makes me question humanity. Don’t. Look. It. Up.

Does anyone count the total losses that has accumulated? It really looks like a perversion of when a company’s main feature seems to be to burn money without consequences, even doing IPO.

update 2019-08-09: Der SoFlow SO6 hat ABE P027. Momentan wohl nur über 1&1 mit Mobilfunkvertrag erhältlich. Ninebot/Segway hat wohl die erforderlichen Gutachten etc über den TÜV in China machen lassen, aber noch keine ABE.

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