To clarify: with “end of discussion” I mean that this post offers IMHO a very convincing argument why tabs are the preferred answer. If you stick to spaces, your freedom. But offer me a valid solution for visually impaired coders. Or just use tabs.

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For javascript or anything else with levels of indentation, yes. For lisps or anything else where indentation is used for vertical alignment, no.

@jwildeboer "read this and stop being a republican" -- equally likely to succeed

(I say as a tab user.)

@joeyh I know some people/teams will stick with spaces, but they should at lest acknowledge what that means for some. A simple Toot! cannot end a 40+ year war ;)

@jwildeboer As a former Python programmer and Makefile writer, I hace never seen a place with bigger teams (>5) where tab usage did not result in chaos, so I am afraid this will not work out as (well) intended.
Don't get me wrong, I would love to have tabs as the right answer. Maybe we have to re-invent tabs.

@jwildeboer text readers in code mode could condense collected spaces to tabs before reading aloud?

@PrincessOfCats try to write a parser for that. Hint: people have tried that for a long time. There still is (and IMHO can never be) a working, universal solution.

@PrincessOfCats try it. Tell me which code/library you use. So I can set it up too and come back with my results of throwing code at it.

@PrincessOfCats some cases.

Don’t change string or constants definitions. In any programming language or preprocessor.

Which whitespace character is a space? In all different encodings? Remember codepages? ;)

At spaces used in code or comments? Do you know all comment conventions? The multi line ones v the inlines?

That’s just the start ;)

@PrincessOfCats also also, as the post on reddit explains, visually impaired doesn’t mean they use screen readers.

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