"Openly gay Prime Minister of Luxembourg with his partner welcoming openly lesbian Prime Minister of Serbia and her partner ahead of the first official visit between two LGBT+ heads of government." IMHO The One Good Thing Today - Source:

@jwildeboer Serbia? Cool. So that ESC winner wasn't a weird fluke.

@jwildeboer @Pyretta huh, i always thought serbia was one of those very conservative eastern european nations that would never elect an lgbt prime minister... guess i was wrong...


can you give me an extended examination on the definition of "good" on this example?

@jackiemoon the simple fact that this is happening and is quite normal makes it a Good Thing in my book. That’s good enough to be a for me.


dont try to sneak out in relative terms by reducing it to your own subjectivity.
if it where "quite normal" you would not had to point it out, especialy adding again a relative term like "quite".
this answer is not satisfiying and will not be accepted.

@jackiemoon That, my honourable friend, is not going to be one of my problems. I note the “IMHO” in my post, indicating quite obviously that my possibly deranged and illogical brain came to the decision that is A Good Thing worth posting. That’s all.

@jackiemoon But let me ask you this, my feathered friend: through what central agency are you granted the authority to judge the validity of others' statements?

@jackiemoon (note also that, by a subtle omission, I have doubted the "fineness" of your feathers)

@MarcatoMarc @jwildeboer
There is no Central authority.
Jan and the Dutch Queen gave it to me.
I don't get the feathers analogy. What does it mean in your cultural surrounding?

@jackiemoon @jwildeboer Ahh, I see. Each feather represents an unrealized dream. To be finely feathered, therefore, is to have many noble dreams that are dear to your heart. It means to be a striver.

@jackiemoon @MarcatoMarc Doth note, my feathered friend, that the lower lands are ruled by a king ;)


Officially yes.
But Her Majesty has the authority.
(Will hooks me permanently up on this shit over WhatsUp. Annoying. Sad.)

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