Use , they said. It’s Free Software, they said. They will respect your privacy. They’re the good ones.

@cathal @jwildeboer Gitea is a good way to go, with we've made excellent experiences. You don't even have to self-host, services like or come to the rescue. All Gitea is missing in regards to decentralisation is federation between their instances

@jwildeboer amazing isn't it? We are meant to believe that with all their expertise, they couldn't code their own telemetry collection, and also that they care about our privacy, but you aren't allowed to turn this (totally innocent, not selling your data at all folks!) option off.

They said though that if you have DNT enabled in your browser this would prevent telemetry snippets from loading.

@jwildeboer you can selfhost tho, thats the entire point why people recommend gitlab.

@jwildeboer If you're using their "proprietary services", you're not using Free Software.

If they did this to their free-of-charge users, that would be a different issue.

@yojimbo @jwildeboer I got this email and I have only ever signed into Gitlab with my Github account to comment on a issue.

@jwildeboer So… don't use EE - it's a company and has always been. There is gitlab-ce (or FOSS). This is OS.

@jwildeboer Meh - others were faster, of course :awesome:

…and once again: self hosted won. It's worth the hassle. Every gorram time.

@jwildeboer gitlab is free software. is not
use free software :)

@jwildeboer never fooled me, all I needed was to understand they follow the proprietary relicensing method of business...

@jwildeboer At GNOME we use a hosted Community Version. Not sure if that will be affected.

@brainblasted @jwildeboer From the email:

"For Self-managed users: GitLab Core will continue to be free software with
no changes. If you want to install your own instance of GitLab without the
proprietary software being introduced as a result of this change, GitLab
Community Edition (CE) remains a great option. It is licensed under the MIT
license ( and will contain no
proprietary software. Many open source software projects use GitLab CE for
their SCM and CI needs. Again, there will be no changes to GitLab CE."

@jwildeboer this is quite sad. On the bright side running omnibus community education is super easy and then you can keep control. Thank you so much for sharing.

@mnw @jwildeboer It is indeed very easy. Beside some braindead sysctl calls, that will fail in an unpriviledged LXC container. Just… never fire this on some bare metal (or VPS) when _other_ stuff is installed. It will easily be thrown under that bus 🤓

I thought Gitlab was open-source?!?

And I just setup everything on Gitlab...

Guess I'll be looking at Gitea or another alternative.

Gitlab CE is free software, but that's not what is running. If you're setting up a gitlab instance for yourself, you're good. This change only affects

@jwildeboer If you read the whole email, that only happens on installarions they have to support. and EE installs.

If you go the actual open source route and install CE on your owm server these script are not there.

@jwildeboer This doesn't apply to the Community Edition. You can run your own instance of that (I do) and not have to deal with telemetry.

Even the Enterprise edition? That's not going to go over well.

@jwildeboer Who said their "proprietary products" are free software? Pretty sure the claim applies to the self-hosted project.

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