Update: Site is now behind cloudflare and working again. PayPal has restored access without further explanation.

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@espectalll @jwildeboer do you have the text of the article anywhere so i can help with that and repost it
@espectalll ah, a website where you have to make an account and probably pay to download a PDF of a webpage @jwildeboer

@espectalll @jwildeboer At least GLaDOS is sassy as hell and utterly terrifying, PayPal doesn't even have that going for itself

@jelutz77 @jwildeboer He said Bluehost said the website would go back up after a few hours, so it rather sounds like a DDoS attempt to me. (If they had really done it on ppurpose, they wouldn't get it back up afterwards)

I'm also willing to give the benefit of the doubt for PayPal. Now we'll have to see how the story with them unfolds, but it is possible people just mass reported the website which caused a takedown. We'll know for sure once we see if PayPal is willing to get them back.

@NekoSock @jelutz77 @jwildeboer

Doesn't even need to be a DDoS, Slashdotting would be enough to cause this especially for a breaking news announced on Twitter)...

@LienRag @NekoSock @jelutz77 slashdotting is old-school and hardly noticed in traffic (been there, had that a few times in the last year). Being hit by Hacker News is the new slashdot :)

@LienRag @NekoSock @jelutz77 but it was an attack, not just traffic. They are now behind cloudflare, so can see more data.

@jwildeboer They have power over everything. And we are defenless against them.

@jwildeboer In Argentina 馃嚘馃嚪, my account never was Aprovated and everytime they say me... Your account seems to be suspicious :blobugh:

@jwildeboer I checked. This Scott Stedman is actually a real journalist. oof

Does anyone have better alternatives to PayPal at mind?

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