New post - A quick hack/fix for the verified status of on your profile page.

All replies here will show up as comments on my blog!

I have added an update to the blog post to explain why your instance might not yet show the verified checkmark on my profile.

@jwildeboer "the checkmark will stick" uhm, no? At least on my PC and my phone, there is no checkmark. Is that maybe checked by every client and cached locally?

@nicoduck Your instance has cached an older version of my profile? If you go straight to my page, you see it really does stick. Took a screenshot just now :)

@jwildeboer aah, yup, seems to be some caching involved somewhere.

@jwildeboer interestingly, your profile does not show the verified badge on my home server. Only on yours. Not sure if the federation of profiles takes a while.

@guerda See my other reply. It’s a caching problem. I don’t know when and how it gets refreshed on your instance.

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