TL;DR is (again) putting requirements on manufacturers (Lenovo, in this case) to effectively limit computers to only run Windows. @EU_Commission - I hope you are noticing and enforcing the rules we have to stop this kind of behaviour once again. Make it fast, please. Thx!

@jwildeboer Is it any surprise that GitHub is now shitting the proverbial bed? Same old Microsoft.

@pim There's a lot of good things happening at Microsoft. But there's also the "old" Microsoft being on the wrong side of history. Let's support the good folks by being clear and vocal about the not-so-good things.

@pim It is, frankly speaking, quite normal to have both good and bad things in big organisations happening at the same time. Trust me, I know ;) So instead of absolutism "Microsoft BAD", let's be nuanced. It isn't good for clickbait, but it ultimately helps a lot more.

@pim But, FTR, I moved my repositories from to @codeberg , keeping only a mirror for my MUCNumbers Corona data repo there.

@jwildeboer Fair points, Jan, it’s the “old” anti-competitive Microsoft this reminds me of way too much. CoPilot should NEVER have been forced on everyone, and shouldn’t require someone to make their repos private in order to opt-out as it where. And in some cases, private repos aren’t an option.

That said I will give Microsoft credit for supporting more Linux workflows within their OS by way of WSL. It’s an advantage Mac users have had for ages with Homebrew.

@jwildeboer @EU_Commission Doesn't "disabled by default" just mean that like... you'll need to go into the BIOS and flip one setting before installing Linux?

If so, I'm not sure I see a large problem: I think it's reasonable to assume the default behavior of users is to run only the OS the device was bought with. This would add difficulty to say, using a Live CD to get around Windows security provisions.

@ocdtrekkie @EU_Commission You maybe didn't really read the blog post. But let me point you to the relevant part. It requires OEMs to disable microsoft signed code. With the only reason being to stop non-windows OS boot loaders, AFAICS.

@jwildeboer @EU_Commission The key issue the blog is barely discussing is the "by default" aspect, and what is entailed in changing the default. This absolutely prevents a Windows shipped PC from installing a Linux OS "out of the box", but it's likely just a setting change to enable it, and I absolutely can see the security cases they'd be trying to address there.

@ocdtrekkie @EU_Commission Again, as the article explains, the security argument is a straw man. Several exploitable issues have been found in their code too. Maybe really read the article before starting to defend Microsoft? ;)

@jwildeboer @EU_Commission I don't really agree with the very vague criticisms in the article. It's extremely dismissive of very obvious implications, and extremely alarmist about what is... almost assuredly a single BIOS setting.

I run a fair pile of Linux boxes, but I also support a lot of Windows machines, it's absolutely an unsurprising and uncontroversial move here.

@jwildeboer @EU_Commission It is *extremely* self-defeating for the open source community's goals to woefully misrepresent and exaggerate concerns just because they involve Microsoft. The EEE era was decades ago, and it's time folks grow up a bit.

@ocdtrekkie You go on defending Microsoft, I insist on pointing out changes that do limit user freedom. Deal?

@jwildeboer I wouldn't consider "pointing out blatant flaws in a concern troll post" as "defending Microsoft".

As someone who supports a lot of extremely non-technical users, I see a protection that benefits 99% of users who will never change their computer's OS, while only requiring one additional bit-flip config for the other 1% an absolute, unquestionable net positive for computer security.

@ocdtrekkie At least you made very clear how you consider well researched information by giving it the "troll" moniker. Welcome to my blocklist.

@ocdtrekkie @jwildeboer And what will be the obvious next step, if this is not stopped? That the Bios setting disappears and you can't change it any more.

@ocdtrekkie @jwildeboer @EU_Commission name a single case where Microsoft did the right thing.

There's no such thing as "the new Microsoft"

@javierg @jwildeboer @EU_Commission Microsoft does all sorts of great things, they also do an incredible number of stupid and awful things. I actually refer to them as the most self-defeating company in history.

@ocdtrekkie @EU_Commission And I have no problem with you dismissing all the good arguments presented. My target audience is bigger than just you ;)

@jwildeboer @EU_Commission and while some will argue "it's just a switch to flip in the BIOS": one first needs to be aware of it, remember to do it, then find and do it. My father is trying to boot his Linux DVD for an install on a new machine for a week now and regardless of what, that machine refuses and boots Windows from the NVMe (end user cannot easily take that one out). Only after noticing that article today I remembered that switch. Most would already have given up (dad returned the PC).

Microsoft made a bad move here. But in addition, Lenovo tells us that they no longer wish to sell hardware to Linux users. Sadly, Linux market share seems to be too small to be of interest for them. 🙁

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