New blog entry "How to read your e-mail headers" at - Depressing :( Comments on this toot will show up on my blog - magic! Twitter friends - Well, sorry. But nope.

@jwildeboer So what is the issue? Spammer are the first ones to adopt anti spam RFCs?
And MailingList operators are whining about "the good old days when impersonating from headers was OK"?

@adorfer The issue is we have tools that sorta work, but Google refuses to do the right thing by doing the bare minimum wrt DKIM/DMARC. Switching from none to quarantine would be the obvious step.

@jwildeboer on the other direction, google (and Microsoft off course) likes to block you if some of your local users forward "all mail" from your server/domain to their gmail account and your server passes through some spam accidently (which will be unavoidable)...

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