Doctors in already warned in the last days of January that was spreading through asymptomatic infected people. But they were not taken seriously. They were ignored and ridiculed instead. Two lost months. (Paywall)

So added public transport in to the Maps app. Nice! BUT it seems to be completely missing all trams and U-Bahn (Metro) and the bus stop next to my place so the navigation it comes up with is hilarious. Not helpful, Apple!

On the 6th of June, we had 388 active cases in , according to the official numbers. Of those cases, around 120 were in hospital, so 270 potential spreaders that hopefully observed the isolation rules and stayed at home.

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6 new infections, 287 active cases today in . It is now 12 days since the big demonstration (30000 participants) took place. No spike in infections. Seems we can conclude that events in the open air do not pose a high risk. That’s good!

A good day for . Only 1 new infection diagnosed. 284 active cases. Rt at .76. Getting there.

‪Rt below 0.6 since a few days. 3 new infections only. 32 newly recovered. Active cases below 300. is looking good ATM. But let’s stay careful and 😷. The numbers can rise at anytime. ‬

Sure. Bank holiday yesterday means delays in reporting, but only 1 (one!) new reported infection in today is worth mentioning. Nice! But still 818 active cases.

With very low case numbers (18 new infections, 13 recoveries) it is still worrisome that stabilises Rt above 1 for quite some days now.

Only 6 new cases today in . And 29 recoveries. So 852 active cases. I like!

continues to follow a stable path. Less than 900 active cases today, double as many recoveries than new infections. Slow, but steady. ‬

I am really happy to say I was wrong. So far no rise in infections after the protests by the far-right and esoteric idiots (IMHO) three weeks ago. stays stable with a tendency of slow reduction in active cases.

I like! In now less than 1000 active cases and only 12 new cases. Rt is below 1. Getting there.

seems to stabilise at around 1000 active cases. But at least today only 11 new infections and 27 declared recovered so a net reduction. A very low reduction. Let’s see how next week goes. Tomorrow beer gardens open again.

So now that the Conservative party (CSU) is out, Software Freedom comes back to (it has never left, no matter what you might have heard ;)

Hello Any update on your Pickup date? It was planned to happen next week. I guess it’s postponed but as I paid and got approved, I’d love to learn what my next steps are.

Last night at my parents. Tomorrow I’ll be driving back to . And yes. That’s the moon. Good night, friends and followers.

My countryside exile is coming to an end. I’ll be back in next week.

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