Soon the cold days are coming and one of the reasons I prefer over will become obvious again. Headphones on and pump up the bass. Shake it!

So yesterday we went to a field just a few steps from where I live in . You can get Gladiolus that you cut yourself for 80 cent each. No one is watching or checking. It’s built on honesty. There’s a moneybox and two knives. That’s all.

April 2020. When I was at my parents on the countryside where was very relaxing compared to .

offers Late Night vaccination at the vaccination centre in Riem and at the Filmcasino this Friday and Saturday. Anyone 16+. Until 10 pm. No appointment needed. You don't even have to live in Munich. Now THAT is a wonderful approach!

I am quite sure some of the rich kids in are flying to to party and bring us Delta as a souvenir. It’s just the way things are. Le Sigh.

The fever curve, so to say. While a look over the 7 day incidence numbers suggests it's all still moving slow, the comparison of case growth in % on a weekly basis shows you we are starting a new wave already. See for all my graphs on Munich.

Viktor Orban cancels his trip to today as he seems to be very afraid of rainbow flags :) No sarcasm and not kidding. He really did just cancel his trip. it works! cc

So it seems will Streisand the hell out of the decision to NOT allow rainbow illumination on wednesday. Rainbow flags all over the townhall, rainbow illumination on the Olympia Tower and the wind tower next to the stadium. I like :)

Dear - how long until smaller cities like in get cycling instructions added?

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