Thank you for the good time! And for all the fun It was quite a night :)

It seems is getting close to launch their e-scooter service in :)

So is now accepting applications for scooter chargers in German cities. I guess we will soon be finally able to legally ride electric scooters here in !

Yo - the coffee machine in the office just got a Brand Update :) (and apologies for my non-Brand compliant mug ;)

next Tuesday, 2019-04-30, 19:00. 80+ artists, 4000sqm of , with most of the artists attending. Come to in ! Exhibition open until 2019-06-02.

Dear social networks, YouTube and ad mafia. Just because I live in doesn’t mean that all ads you force feed to me should be about (if you, dear follower, don’t know what bauma is, I’m in envy ;)

Ah. Enjoying U.K. politics, Bavarian style. House of Commons live stream and Spaten. In a Beergarden. cc

When the CEO AND the EMEA GM Werner Knoblich open the New Hire Orientation in the office, it’s quite a good start of the week :)

Dear @AppleSupport Here in , your maps service doesn’t offer public transport or ride services. So why show them in yourcapp?

Instead - could you add a option? Because we do have those and love to ride them.

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