My current calculation: will hit in the next 10 days. The brutal wave will peak after 3 weeks. So I will move to the countryside next week and return to for my birthday end of January.

I am grateful for the many people that ignored all the clickbait, false „news“ and did the right thing. . The situation here in is dramatic. But I and the majority of people are relatively safe thanks to the vaccine. Soon we can vaccinate young children too.

in , 2020 (green) v 2021 (blue). This is the 7 day incidence from 2020-10-01 - 2020-12-31 in green and in blue from 2021-10-01 until yesterday. This wave is seemingly out of control. We are still not even at 65% of population fully vaccinated.

Going to dance Friday night. I like the entrance policy. Stricht . Only vaccinated or recovered.

As a sort of hobby I collect a lot of numbers on COVID in and Bavaria. Here's one graph. Vaccination over time. As you can see, even though we still have at least 20% of adults not vaccinated, the numbers are dropping since months.

impressions from a walk outside the office. I love the colours. Obviously especially the red :) I hope you do to. Enjoy!

Soon the cold days are coming and one of the reasons I prefer over will become obvious again. Headphones on and pump up the bass. Shake it!

So yesterday we went to a field just a few steps from where I live in . You can get Gladiolus that you cut yourself for 80 cent each. No one is watching or checking. It’s built on honesty. There’s a moneybox and two knives. That’s all.

April 2020. When I was at my parents on the countryside where was very relaxing compared to .

offers Late Night vaccination at the vaccination centre in Riem and at the Filmcasino this Friday and Saturday. Anyone 16+. Until 10 pm. No appointment needed. You don't even have to live in Munich. Now THAT is a wonderful approach!

I am quite sure some of the rich kids in are flying to to party and bring us Delta as a souvenir. It’s just the way things are. Le Sigh.

The fever curve, so to say. While a look over the 7 day incidence numbers suggests it's all still moving slow, the comparison of case growth in % on a weekly basis shows you we are starting a new wave already. See for all my graphs on Munich.

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