I went shopping at my local supermarket. I expected the worst. I was out in 15 minutes, with all I need and everyone I saw was nice and even smiling. What alternate reality is my part of ?

The office (finally) received the new logo! But fear not, the old Shadowman logo has been saved ;)

And should you care deeply about growing the Way on many different levels - from coding to finance, HR, marketing and more - Well. We’re hiring :) And today is NHO (New Hire Orientation) here in our office :) jobs.redhat.com

Thank@you, @TijanaT@twitter.com for playing Blitz right now. Lots of quotes in your set that make this old Acid/House/Nee Beat guy smile :)

Thank you for the good time @rotesonne@twitter.com! And @Kink303@twitter.com for all the fun @blitzclub2012@twitter.com It was quite a night :)

It seems @limebike@twitter.com is getting close to launch their e-scooter service in :)

So is now accepting applications for scooter chargers in German cities. I guess we will soon be finally able to legally ride electric scooters here in !

Yo @redhat@twitter.com @RedHatJobs@twitter.com - the coffee machine in the office just got a Brand Update :) (and apologies for my non-Brand compliant mug ;)

next Tuesday, 2019-04-30, 19:00. 80+ artists, 4000sqm of , with most of the artists attending. Come to in ! Exhibition open until 2019-06-02. z-common-ground.de/

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