On my birthday, Wuhan went into . We had the Webasto cases in in the hospital and while enjoying a nice Bavarian dinner in my local restaurant, we discussed what could happen. I was the most pessimistic but it hit us all even worse.

ATM - and yes, that can change fast in a pandemic - but ATM I feel quite safe in Germany. I’ve left , moved to the countryside, at my parents. Self-isolating here to protect them. And am able to go out and wander the hills, fields and forests. Alone.

, das ich vorgestern verlassen habe. Clip von nem Freund der noch da ist.

, from where I left two days ago. Clip from a friend who is still there.

I am self isolating on the countryside. Left the city today and moved up to my parents for the next few weeks at least. I expect to go into full lockdown soon. There I only had a balcony. Here I have a giant garden and forests. And space. And family.

Stay the fuck at home for a few weeks. If you can. Come to my place in if it makes you feel lonely. I’ll cook. I’ll play games with you. doesn’t mean you should be alone. Just avoid crowds.

Because a could happen here in , my local restaurant informed me they will do home delivery between 12:00 and 20:00 in that case. As I will be WFH, I asked for a subscription. Deal. They won’t bring me beer, though :) Thanks, lindengarten.eu. Love you!

Yes. We had to cancel the @redhat@twitter.com NHO (New Hire Orientation) this week. But I still went to our friends at who have been hosting us for all these years. Please go have dinner at them when in . They are hit hard. zumduernbraeu.de/

now has one Drive-In testing station. A second one will open next week. And no, you cannot simply go there. You will be sent there on doctor's/authorities order. But good to see this is being done.

My supermarket here in has everything in stock, business as usual. But I hear that ALDI has ran out of toilet paper. Weird stuff.

I’m at the in . @ennolenze@twitter.com gave his presentation and now I’m shocked and fascinated about his views on journalism.

PSA for english speaking citizens and visitors of - a storm will hit tmrw morning around 4 o’clock with very strong winds. Prepare yourself, cleanup your balcony, garden and note that trains and traffic in general might experience significant delays.

β€ͺAlso identified: a Chinese man working for a German company spent 3 days in (19-22 January) before returning to China and getting diagnosed with the virus there on the 26th. This person might have spread the virus in Munich, as it seems to be contagious during incubation.‬

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I went shopping at my local supermarket. I expected the worst. I was out in 15 minutes, with all I need and everyone I saw was nice and even smiling. What alternate reality is my part of ?

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