Today the 7 day incidence rate in rose to 54,16. We are at exponential growth with a rate of 10%. So doubling of infections every 7 days. There is still a big party going on today in Munich to make up for the fact that Oktoberfest was cancelled. I am not happy.

BREAKING: City of crosses the mark of 50 wrt 7 day incidence. This means schools will be partially closed again and more measures could follow. AFAICS first million+ city in to go over 50. Source:

In , due to the pandemic, big events are not allowed. But sure, while is experiencing the highest infection numbers since months, 7500 Bayern fans are allowed to watch a game in the stadium.

I took the bus and metro yesterday here in to pick up my new glasses. Everybody* was wearing a mask in the correct way. That makes me happy. 😷

* Yes. Everybody. First time I saw no noses or masks under the chin.

Next wednesday I'll go for another test. my 2nd one. I have no symptoms, but numbers are rising in and the test is for free.

has the honour of being the first (AFAICS) Million plus German City where the 7 day incidence went over the official warning level of 35. For the second time. From 270 active cases to 1117 in just one month. Congrats?

Ande it's official. is now at a 7 day incidence of 39.89, well above the official warning level of 35. 1111 active cases in total now.

I expect will see growing infection numbers in the next few days. Holidays are over, schools are opening. We are at more than 1000 active cases already. I'm not worried, so far we seem to be able to deal with it. But this could have been avoided. Le sigh.

Just got my electricity bill. offers a 100% renewable energy option (M-Ökostrom) which I use since years. So for the 8th year in a row, CO2 neutral and no nuclear waste from my side. 👍

I woke up today and has switched to The North Face and Jack Wolfskin vests and jackets. So it’s officially autumn.

Today I am happy to live in rainy and not in , where Nazis and conspiracy idiots roam the streets, backed by two court decisions.

has reached the official warning level of 35 in 7 day incidence. This means restrictions will be put in place to try to contain the growth. AFAICS this is the first time a city this size had to go there.

From 297 active cases to 919 in just two weeks. is looking really bad.

This (german) page does some interesting calculations. I like the 1/N. "How many people do you need at one place to have at least one infected person among them?" For that number is 209 ATM.

In we had a record 84 new infections on Tuesday - of which 48 were people returning from holiday/travels abroad. Le sigh. More to come, as diagnoses lag behind infection date 3-6 days at least. Numbers for yesterday will be published in 4 hours. I’m guessing/fearing > 100

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Not happy with numbers. 84 new infections yesterday. Exponential growth AFAICS. But with lower growth rate compared to March. Red line is 7 day average.

With a net new 108 Active Cases over the weekend, is risking going into exponential growth. Total of 483 active cases and averaging at 43 new infections per day now. Absolutely not good.

from . In . Wow. Thank you for making this possible. In these times.

Finally. Live music. style concert in . Weird. But I’m really happy this is possible. Thank you,

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