Interesting clouds this evening over . No matter how stressful these times are, don’t forget to catch those moments of peace.

, with a 1.5M population has 21 patients in intensive care today. Augsburg, a city next door, so to say, with 300k population has 25 covid19 patients in intensive care and their clinic is starting triage on incoming patients.

Thank you, for the official ceremony today in that made me an e-resident of :)

2020-10-28 Update. 291 new infections, 7 day incidence now above 120. More than 3000 active cases. Test positivity rate now around 4%. All numbers and graphs at

2020-10-20 Corona Update. We're still scratching at exponential growth, with a tiny sliver of hope that it won't happen. Volatile, but I'm optimistic. Source: City of Munich and LGL, data and graphs at

Working from home is a bit complicated when DSL has an outage here in and they promise to fix it til 8pm.

Looking at the numbers, I am not totally pessimistic. 😷 and other measures seem to , so while this second wave will roll longer, we might actually get through it without catastrophic results. Yes. I’m an optimist. Source:

is very close to a 7 day incidence of 70 today. Just a week ago we were below 50. and it seems the growth rate is rising still. Not good. Source: RKI, visualisation by me, all numbers at

Its Monday. It’s autumn here in . The flu and cold season is coming. So. 😷 :)

In latest an hour we'll know the details, but seems is getting a bit better. 7 day incidence goes down from 55.93 (yesterday) to 51.04 today. That *should* mean around 100 new infections. Last week on wednesday that number was 151.

Today the 7 day incidence rate in rose to 54,16. We are at exponential growth with a rate of 10%. So doubling of infections every 7 days. There is still a big party going on today in Munich to make up for the fact that Oktoberfest was cancelled. I am not happy.

BREAKING: City of crosses the mark of 50 wrt 7 day incidence. This means schools will be partially closed again and more measures could follow. AFAICS first million+ city in to go over 50. Source:

In , due to the pandemic, big events are not allowed. But sure, while is experiencing the highest infection numbers since months, 7500 Bayern fans are allowed to watch a game in the stadium.

I took the bus and metro yesterday here in to pick up my new glasses. Everybody* was wearing a mask in the correct way. That makes me happy. 😷

* Yes. Everybody. First time I saw no noses or masks under the chin.

Next wednesday I'll go for another test. my 2nd one. I have no symptoms, but numbers are rising in and the test is for free.

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