Thank you, for providing me with a healthy place to work! CO2 reading in the office after a full day of work in the studio. Ventilation is almost perfect.

I blogged about my little bit of daily work to collect and share numbers for . Replies to this toot will show up as comments on the blog entry, because - Magic! :)

"So how is the pandemic going in ?" Well - it is complicated. Here I describe how I manually scratch together the numbers to make some graphs that hopefully give an overview.

I just updated my GitHub repo README on number with sources and what they deliver. It's really easy to get the numbers needed for an overview.

in is coming back. Our 7 day incidence jumped from yesterday 423,3 to 564,0 today. Hospital numbers are rising too. But it is considered manageable by the politicians and authorities, so nothing happens.

Follow me as I’ll spend more time in museums, something , where I live, offers plentiful. We can be good people. I’ll try :)

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There is a parking garage, 100 m walk. But no. Cars need to be parked directly in front of the shop. Nobody will ever find them anyway. This city is made for cars, not people. Le sigh.

834 days since the first official diagnosis of here in . 2 times BioNTech. One Moderna booster. Still wearing a mask. Still running the . Still testing twice a week. Still negative :)

Coming home to ART. The #42 print by LAPIZ. My year pass to the museums. I can sleep now :) cc

On my 50th birthday in 2020 the first covid case in Germany was officially identified, right here in , where I live. I’ve made it to today without infection. I’ll do everything I can to keep it that way. My mask stays on.

Oh no. My fav coffee roaster in Munich (Feinkost Čačić) is no more. I desperately need a replacement with whole beans from Minas Gerais. Please help, friends.

Practicing my death stare in the mirror to prepare for tomorrow, the first working day after the German mask mandate falls. At around 4000 new infections *per day* here in it’s truly ridiculous to remove the most simple thing to . My mask stays on.

Had to move the to a different place in our Office. But it’s back in action :)

In , there’s always Cy Twombly to find a beautiful, peaceful moment at the Brandhorst Museum. Even in Blue and Yellow.

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