Want to see me the day before I got my tattoo? Explaining without a beard? 27 minutes that are IMHO still very relevant. . The @RedHat@twitter.com story. youtu.be/vhYMRtqvMg8

Enjoying the under a wonderful blue/white Bavarian sky :) Might go for a long walk soon :) @RedHatJobs@twitter.com

And if you want something different - welcome to the world of . Many, many distributions and projects to chose from. Your freedom! We at work hard to give you MORE choice, not less.

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You wanted a "faster" and you're getting it for free with . You wanted a bleeding edge Linux Distro with the backing of someone with experience. You get . For free. You want support, SLAs and long term stability? Get a Subscription. Simple.

2020 really is tough. On my birthday, back in January, the first case in Germany was diagnosed. Today, on my 15th anniversary at , Trump announced he has been infected. You know what? I’ll still celebrate. I am proud of what I do at Red Hat. Today is a good day.πŸ•Ί

I joined when we were not even a thousand people worldwide, back in 2005. I am proud of what we have achieved. And the journey has just started IMHO. I’ll be around for quite a bit longer. You have been warned :)

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This evening I’m getting my second test. I live in , where tests are available for everyone, for free. As I’m back in the office, I feel obliged to do everything I can to keep myself and my fellow Red Hatters safe. No symptoms, better safe than sorry.

β€œas President [Jim Whitehurst] will help Arvind and continue to accelerate and scale the benefits of , while ensuring that Red Hat also preserves its unique culture and commitment to open source innovation.” newsroom.ibm.com/2020-01-30-Ar

The office (finally) received the new logo! But fear not, the old Shadowman logo has been saved ;)

So as a , targeting Enterprise is a Damn Good Thing. How to do this? And what does it cost? Well, just go here, it’s free! You get all the bits and bytes, ebooks, HOWTOs AND support from our community. developers.redhat.com

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Happy from this guy :) Open Standards and Open Source! For the web, our world and the galaxy :)

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