I guess @platformonomics@twitter.com needs a reliable hybrid cloud. We at are happy to help :)

The @EU_Commission@twitter.com approves acquisition of by

"the [EU] Commission concluded that the transaction would raise no competition concerns in any of the affected markets and cleared the case unconditionally."


To everyone asking if I'm going to change my tattoo after the brand refresh: No. :) My ShadowMan stays as he was, is and always will be :)

Reports Double-Digit Growth Ahead of Deal” FTR, we had quite an uninterrupted series of double digit growth. It started before I joined in 2005 :) fool.com/amp/investing/2019/03

lessons for project/product managers, software architects not only in the startup space. Oh, and all of this defaults to use that is well supported. Stuff we at know a few things about ;)


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