Did you know that at we have no problem with remote work? Yes, we have offices too (and some have damn good coffee ;). But we care more about YOU working the way that is best for you. Simple.

I don’t remember who complained recently that didn’t make the ISO of the very first Red Hat Linux Release available. Well. We heard you. @jzb@twitter.com fixed that for all of us :) redhat.com/en/blog/download-or

After half a day in the studio and a relaxing beer, the rest of my will be spent with the new Foundation episode and some good Tofu Ramen :)

It might be for many of us, but @CathaKrebs@twitter.com is busy with week. And as I have to press the studio buttons, I’m also in the office :)

impressions from a walk outside the office. I love the colours. Obviously especially the red :) I hope you do to. Enjoy! @RedHatJobs@twitter.com

Yes. Today is my 16th anniversary at @redhat@twitter.com @RedHatJobs@twitter.com - and it still feels like the beginning of a wonderful journey :) Join us! jobs.redhat.com

Want to see me the day before I got my tattoo? Explaining without a beard? 27 minutes that are IMHO still very relevant. . The @RedHat@twitter.com story. youtu.be/vhYMRtqvMg8

Enjoying the under a wonderful blue/white Bavarian sky :) Might go for a long walk soon :) @RedHatJobs@twitter.com

And if you want something different - welcome to the world of . Many, many distributions and projects to chose from. Your freedom! We at work hard to give you MORE choice, not less.

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You wanted a "faster" and you're getting it for free with . You wanted a bleeding edge Linux Distro with the backing of someone with experience. You get . For free. You want support, SLAs and long term stability? Get a Subscription. Simple.

2020 really is tough. On my birthday, back in January, the first case in Germany was diagnosed. Today, on my 15th anniversary at , Trump announced he has been infected. You know what? I’ll still celebrate. I am proud of what I do at Red Hat. Today is a good day.🕺

I joined when we were not even a thousand people worldwide, back in 2005. I am proud of what we have achieved. And the journey has just started IMHO. I’ll be around for quite a bit longer. You have been warned :)

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This evening I’m getting my second test. I live in , where tests are available for everyone, for free. As I’m back in the office, I feel obliged to do everything I can to keep myself and my fellow Red Hatters safe. No symptoms, better safe than sorry.

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